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本文摘要:【篇一】 最近 , 某英文杂志社举行征文运动 , 请你联合下面这幅图的内容写一篇短 文举行投稿 . 内容应包罗 : 1. 形貌图画内容 ; 2. 展现图画所反映的社会问题 ; 3. 谈谈你的看法 注意 :词数 120左右 , 开头已给出 , 不计入总词数 . rain pouring, an old lady falls down. A passer-by is over whether to support her with his hand or not. Behind


【篇一】 最近 , 某英文杂志社举行征文运动 , 请你联合下面这幅图的内容写一篇短 文举行投稿 . 内容应包罗 : 1. 形貌图画内容 ; 2. 展现图画所反映的社会问题 ; 3. 谈谈你的看法 注意 :词数 120左右 , 开头已给出 , 不计入总词数 . rain pouring, an old lady falls down. A passer-by is over whether to support her with his hand or not. Behind this message They probably fear that they are wrongly accused of knocking them down and even pay compensation.Respecting the old is our Chinese traditional virtue. Not only can we bring out the best of . Moreover, if we are unwilling to help those in trouble, we might be ignored in time of emergency.【篇二】现在, 许多中学生热衷于读网络小说而对中国的传统诗歌不予重视。假 如你是高中生李华, 请凭据下列提示, 给某英语报社写封信, 表达你的看法。

1. 热衷于网络小说的原因; 2. 不喜欢中国传统诗词的原因; 3. 你的建议。Dear Editor, Today , many teenagers especially reading Internet novels. As a result, they are always being poisoned by the unhealthy contents of the novels, such as sex, violence or murder. However, they show little interest in classic Chinese poems. They believe that these poems are of little or no value to their 完全倒装句型 倒装的虚拟条件句They learn them just because they have to pass exams. In fact, reading these poems can not only encourage readers ’These benefits are all of great importance to their learning and life. So I think teenagers should learn and recite classic Chinese poems. I am looking forward to hearing your opinion on this.【篇三】现在的学生除日常学习以外,对手机和电脑的依赖过高。这些都不 利于他们的康健发展。

请你以 How to grow up healthily 为题写一篇漫笔,介 绍学生们该如何康健发展, 写作要点如下:1. 不要太过依赖电子产物; 2. 多 抽出时间磨炼身体; 3.学会与他人来往。要求:1.需包罗所有写作要点,词数 1 20左右。2.可适当增加细节以使行文连贯。How to grow up healthily As we know, cellphones and computers are common in our daily life. However, children nowadays depend much on them, which does great harm to their In my opinion, the major task for children is to learn various knowledge. Therefore, they should Besides, they should spare more time to take exercise. If so, they The last but not least, children should learn to communicate with others. They can have a heart-to-heart conversation with their parents and teachers if they have some problems hard to solve. As they have more experience in life, they can give children plenty of instructions.【篇四】你是高二 (1) 班的李华。

最近你校举行了一次英语念书演讲角逐。请你联合自身履历, 以 “What Can Reading Bring Us?” 为题写一篇英文演讲稿,呼吁大家多念书、读好书。注意:1. 字数 120单词左右; 2. 可适当添加内容,以使行文连贯。

What Can A Good Book Bring Us Just as an old saying goes, reading a good book is like talking a great many wise and noble people in the past. From that, we can draw a safe conclusion that a good book can bring us not onlywisdom of the wise people in history, but also the progress and development of both ourselves and we human beings. In order to benefit from reading good books, we should first learn to tell good books from bad ones. In most people’s opinion, books are all bad books. We should of course avoid reading such books. On the contrary , those books books. While reading good books, we can get not only the pleasure of reading andrich knowledge but also broaden our horizons and enrich our spiritual world. At the same time, what we get from these good books can be of great help to our healthy.【篇五】 你是李华,你很烦恼。最近,天天早晚,你们小区广场上都有许多人在跳广场舞,连续 时间长且噪音大, 给你和小区里其他人带来了许多的未便……请你给小区委员会向导写封信, 反映现象及其导致的未便(要求涉及生活、学习和事情等方面)并提出合理建议。

注意:1、词数 120左右; 2、漫笔的开头和末端已给出,不计入总词数。参考词汇:广场舞 square dance 组织者 organizers Dear Sir, about the people doing the square dance in our community, which has made me terribly upset. Recently, every morning and evening, many people gather to dance in our community square, the long-time dancing and the noise pollution really bring about unbearable inconveniences. We can’t rest or sleep well. As a result, the students are not only late for school but also sleepy in class, and the workers are easily tired out while working. Here are some suggestions to solve the problem. They are supposed either to shorten the dancing time and reduce the music noise or to make another choice of dancing places. Only in this way can they have fun and let Would you please communicate with the organizers about what I said? Best wishes, Sincerely yours, Li Hua.【篇六】要成为乐成者,首先,你必须有毅力而且勤奋。正如你所知道的,不管你做什么事,总有两种可能的效果:乐成或失败。




In order to become successful, you should first of all be both perseverance and hardworking. As you know, whatever you do, there are always two possible results: success and failure. When you fail, you should never lose heart. On the contrary, you must build up your confidence and work even harder. You should always keep in mind that perseverance is the mother of success and industry is the key to it. In addition, you should pay great attention to your work method. It is necessary for you to sum up your experience constantly and improve the efficiency of your work. Finally, it is important for you to get along well with your co-workers, care for each other and help each other. If you follow these principles, you will certainly achieve remarkable success in the future.【篇七】在今年的暑假期间,我想我应该做一些有意义的事情,而不是呆在家里,看电视等等。所以,我在餐馆里获得了一份事情,在那里当服务员。天天早晨我早早地去事情,晚上很晚回抵家。这份事情很是累人和无聊。

这使我险些中途而废。可是我用我的刻意坚持了下来。During the summer holiday of this year,I thought I should do something meaningful instead of staying at home ,watching TV and so on.So I got a job at a restawrant and worked there as a waiter.Every day I went to work early in the morning and got home late in the evening. The job was hard,boring.It made me so tired that I almost quit half way.But I went on doing with my determination.【篇八】我很喜欢看影戏。




巫师,霍比特人,半兽人,精灵等等。开阔了我的视野。I like to see movie so much. When I have time, the first thing I’d like to do is to find the hot movies and then buy some snacks, enjoying my movie hour. After appreciating so many movies, The Lord of the Rings impresses me the most. This movie has three series and I like them all. Though the moive was made in about 2000, its technology is still not out of date. In the movie, the scenery is such beautiful that I can’t move my eyes away. It was shot in New Zealand and I have made up my mind that I must go there someday and have a look at the beautiful scenery. The movie shows me a scientific world with all kinds of creatures. The wizards, the hobbies, the elves, the orcs and so on. It broadens my vision.【篇九】如今,英语已经成为国际语言。在中国,孩子们在小学就要学习英语了。




我希望能够像叔叔那样过生活,但我要做的第一件事得是掌握英语,这样我才气和大多数人交流,获得兴趣。Nowadays, English has been the international language. In China, the children have to learn English since their primary education. In some cities, the children even start their English study in kindergarten. Most parents even hire a tutor to help their children to learn English. There is no doubt that English as the international language plays the important role in communication. My uncle travels a lot around the world. He has been to many countries. Every time when he returns, I will listen to his stories. I have heard of many wonderful journeys. My uncle likes to communicate with people from other countries, so he can learn the different culture. I want to live as my uncle, but the first thing for me to do is to master English, so that I can communicate with most people and have fun.【篇十】在我眼里,我的父亲是如此的可敬,因为他能给我建议和资助我做出最好的决议。我父亲履历了许多。当他从大学结业时,他的第一份事情是在办公室里事情,然后他发现生活是何等的无聊,整天坐在办公室里,所以他决议告退,然后开始他去许多地方。

我父亲已经去过许多地方,他开阔了视野,然后回抵家找到另一个他喜欢的事情。当他遇见了我母亲,他认为是时候安宁下来。我对他的生活履历很感兴趣, 忍不住想如果我和他一起去会怎么样。

我一定会遇到许多不认识的人,然后看到漂亮的风物。我想像我父亲那样在世,其时机成熟的时候,我也会去旅游。In my eye, my father is so adorable, because he can give me advices and help me to make the best decision. My father experienced a lot. When he graduated from college, his first job was to work in the office, then he found life was boring to sit in the office all the day, so he decided to quit and then started his trip to many places. My father had been traveled to many places, he opened his vision and then went back home to find another job he liked. When he met my mother, he thought it was time to settle down. I was so interested in his life experience, I couldn’t help thinking what if I go with him. I must will meet many new persons and then see the beautiful scenery. I want to live as my father, when the time comes, I will travel too.泉源:综合自网络,版权归原作者所有,如有侵权请联系我们删除。